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Art & Design internship in the Uk

Description of the work:

If you doing an internship in this Area, you should be prepared for having a lot of responsibilities in this art and design field. This type of work can be a good way to get to work with a lot of creative  folk ,  possibly graphic design or photography ( if you have a portfolio ) , or training be a drama instructor if you have proven interest in the area. This is a fantastic opportunity to find out if this is really something for you.

You will be able to:

Jobs in the arts are wide-ranging including drama positions, music  therapy , teaching , design etc.  Brighton in the summer is a great  place to do a creative  internship because it’s a very liberal and creative city  – they’re a so many things to do.

Skills you will need:

It would help a lot if you can show that you have a passion for your chosen sector within the arts . It could also be for example helping presenting exhibitions, designing you own work or doing design for other people at school or organisations, maybe a youth club or something similar. If you could send a portfolio where you describe your work, performing or directing a show etc . – all this would be a big help.


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